Come on moms, let's party...virtually!  

Due to COVID-19, we may not be able to physically get our travel on but we can still connect and have a good time!  Join us for our Pre-Mother's Day Party this Thursday via Zoom.  

Its 100% FREE and space is limited.  See you there!

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It's time for a break, mama...

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Passport Moms specializes in curating and hosting group travel experiences for the busy mom, its not just a trip it’s a life style! Mothers deserve time to themselves, we deserve to live our best lives and should not feel guilty about it. Your family will be better for it because a Happy Mom does equal a Happy life!

Passport Moms provides:

  • Insured travel to five-star getaways

  •  Planned events throughout stay

  •  Networking with other moms and guests

  •  Premier experiences and culturally based foods

  •  Location excursions and tours (optional)

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