moms just want to have fun... and passports!

Passport Moms specializes in curating and hosting group travel experiences for the busy mom, its not just a trip it’s a life style! Mothers deserve time to themselves, we deserve to live our best lives and should not feel guilty about it. Your family will be better for it because a Happy Mom does equal a Happy life!


I had an absolute blast on my Montego Bay with PM! Unlike most group trips I’ve attended, this trip was loaded with awesome activities, however not so much that you didn’t have time to just relax and unwind! In other words, I didn’t need a vacation AFTER THIS VACATION!


— Cynthia



Pms Layover is traveling domestically with likeminded moms in the U.S . There are beautiful places to visit within the U.S and we want you to experience it with us.  Be sure too look at our next Passportmoms layover.

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It's time for a break, mama...

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 It takes a strong women to settle down and calm her storms, and heal her issues without trying to bring someone else into her chaos. Ultimately, her Journey into Self-Mastery and Self -Love is hers to TRAVEL alone.


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