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 Why Passport Moms?

We pride ourselves in being a diverse group of mothers of all ages, races and stages of motherhood. In my research, I found mothers not only wanted retreats, counseling sessions or intense programs they also wanted to treat themselves to a few days of peace, fun and me time - on their own terms - to fully recharge. Without the stress of researching, planning and booking, Passport Moms does all the work for you! "Never mind" is no longer an option, we got it all taken care of. We personally scout the best locations for the best affordable and memorable experiences for everyone.


Passport Moms specializes in curating and hosting group travel experiences for the busy mom, its not just a trip it’s a life style! Mothers deserve time to themselves, we deserve to live our best lives and should not feel guilty about it. Your family will be better for it because a Happy Mom does equal a Happy life!


Passport Moms provides:

  • Insured travel to five-star getaways

  •  Planned events throughout stay

  •  Networking with other moms and guests

  •  Premier experiences and culturally based foods

  •  Location excursions and tours (optional)


Do you hear that? Yep, Passport Moms is the group for you!


Career, cook, clean, cheer, and counsel; motherhood can be challenging! ESCAPE! PassportMoms is to educate, encourage, entertain, and empower mothers through travel.


Passport Moms is a holistic approach to wellness, experiencing motherhood and dispelling the myths and stereotypes mothers face in society.


I am a wife and mom of two beautiful children and was inspired to establish Passport Moms by other moms in need of a haven - our haven. Passport Moms' goal is for mothers to relax, bond, rejuvenate, network and connect with like-minded moms while making great memories traveling fabulous places around the world.


Sukari Johnson